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Sizi Arayalım


Stylish and Elegant
Denim is so very special. Maybe no other piece of our closet has the power to tell the world how we feel or who we are. We share your passion for denim, and we bring our expertise, powerful innovation and our commitment to sustainability into developing cutting-edge dyeing technologies and systems solutions to support your creativity. safe, efficient, enhanced. It’s our nature.

Name of the Product Description
Enzymes Neutral cellulase, Amylase, Biopolishing enzyme, laccase, Special combination enzymes TDS MSDS
Dispersants and washing agents Concentrated dispersing agents, washing agents, bleaching and neutralization auxiliaries TDS MSDS
Dyeing auxiliaries Anti-foaming and wetting agents, Oil removers, Dispersing and Levelling agents, fixing agents, Corrosion inhibitors and Sequestering agents, Anti-creasing agents,mordanting agents, binders TDS MSDS
Optical Brighteners TDS MSDS
Softeners Cationic, Nonionic, Esterquat and Silicone based softeners TDS MSDS
Special effect agents Synthetic resin, Acrylic polymers, Polyurethanes, Polyvinyl alcohol, Cross linking agents, fixing agents, Water and Oil repellents TDS MSDS