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Sizi Arayalım


Dyeing auxiliaries are defined as chemicals or formulated chemicals which enables a processing operation in dyeing to be carried out more effectively. Dyeing auxiliaries includes dye fixing agents, cationizing agents, dispersing & leveling agents etc. They help in stabilizing the dyeing bath to improve the exhaustion, achieve level dyeing and improve fastness properties.

Name of the Product Description
Levelling agents Leveling agents are known to enhance dye migration without substantially accelerating the exhaustion of dye onto the fabric being dyed. TDS MSDS
Defoamers prevent and suppress the formation of foam in textile wet processes TDS MSDS
soaping and washing off Washing-off agent functions by removing unfixed or hydrolyzed dye, thereby preventing it from depositing on the textile, leading to good washing fastness. TDS MSDS
Anti Crease & Lubricating Agent Anti-creasing agent is an auxiliary which forms a thin uniform protective coating around the fibre to lower the surface friction and flexural rigidity, thus minimizing the formation of durable creases during high temperature wet-processing. TDS MSDS