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PVC & Phthalate Free Products

The most popular & efficient pigmented colour used in the screen printing industry is PVC&phthalate free Plastisol ink. It is opaque plastisol printing inks.

Name of the Product Description Features                                 
Eco 7010 - Ecolastisol Base is a transparent and opaque PVC & phthalate free printing base used to achieve an elastic, soft touching effect in textile printing. It is used by mixing with colors on our range to get more glossy and elastic prints. -Easy to Print
-Opaque Colors on Dark Garment
-Very gloss finish
-Good washing fastness
-Excellent elasticity and flexibility
-PVC & Phthalate free – Ecological
Eco 7000 - Ecolastisol White is non PVC & phthalate white ink which has a amazing whiteness with high opacity, a soft and creamy consistency that is ready and very easy to print. -Highly opaque
-PVC & Phthalate free - Ecological
-Low flash cure times
-Bright white with a smooth finish
-Good washing resistance.
Eco 7025 - Ecolastisol HD Base is PVC& phthalate free plastisol transparent used to achieve an sharp high density effect (3D effect) in textile printing. It provides elastic, glossy finish and soft touching. It can be used as a transparent or can be coloured with colours on our range. -Easy to mix with colors and easy to print
-Special 3-D effect, smooth finish prints.
-Extremely sharp edges
-Unique flash time will increase production and speed dwell time in the dryer.
-High elasticity and opacity
-PVC & Phthalate free- Ecological
Eco 7100 - 7145 Ecolastisol Colors consists of non PVC & phthalate, high performance 10 colors, formulated for ultra high speed automatic and manuelprinting. It offers superior performance through fast production speeds, good opacity, and wide range of popular colors. -High Opacity
-Good Bleed Resistance
-Fast Flash
-Easy to Print
-Ultra Soft Hand
-Print on virtually any fabric
Eco 7400 - 7415 Ecolastisol Flourescest Colors consists of non PVC&phthalate, high performance 4 colors, all of them of very vivid colors. The ink give the most bright colors while keeping good washing fastness. -Highly opaque
-PVC & Phthalate free - Ecological
-BOLD & vibrant color
-Soft hand prints
-Short flash time
Eco 7200-7300 Ecolastisol Metallic Colors are PVC&phthalate free plastisol ink to add bright and colorful effects to your designs, our Metallic inks have excellent wash-fast resistance and gold and silver colors are available in our range. -PVC & Phthalate free - Ecological
-Shimmering metallic inks for printing expressive effects
-Excellent printing properties and elasticity.
-For printing on dark and light fabrics.
-Excellent washability.
Eco FOIL- Ecolastisol Foil Base is a PVC&Phthalate free plastisol foil adhesive, used to achieve high quality foil prints in textile printing. -Ideal for foil and flock sheets.
-PVC & Phthalate free
-Good elasticity & flexibility.
-Good washing fastness
-Ready to use.
Eco GL X - Ecolastisol Glitter Base works as a PVC&Phthalate free plastisol adhesive for metallic and colored glitter flake designs.It allows for infinite creativity with designs and can be mixed with multiple colors glitter flake sizes.It adheres strongly with metallic or colored glitter flake for excellent durability. -Excellent wash resistance.
-PVC & Phthalate free
-Most glitters work well with it.
-Does not dry on the stencil.
-Prints easily through recommended meshes.
Eco PUFF - Ecolastisol Puff Base is PVC&hthalate free plastisol additive made to achieve a puff 3D effect without changing the inks printability, brightness and wash fastness. You can also use a little additive in the ink to give the print a more matte finish. -Gives a 3D and puffy effect.
-PVC & Phthalate free
-Matt off shiny inks
-Can be mixed into colours.
-Good washing resistance.
Eco ANTI - Ecolastisol Anti Migration Base is a PVC&phthalate free plastisol anti migration barrier ink, designed to block the migration that occurs from polyester garment to the surface in textile printing. -High elasticity.
-PVC & Phthalate free
-Easily cures with flash cure application.
-High washing fastness
-It does not dry and clogg the screen during printing
Eco FLOCK - Ecolastisol Flock Base is adhesive for electrostatic direct and also flock sheet printing. It is also used to bond caviar beads. TDS MSDS