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Sizi Arayalım

Auxiliary Chemicals

Name of the Product Description Features                                
Cold is very effective cold crosslinker for coatings with high acrylic content. It helps to get high fastness with low curing. Substantial improvement of all properties of coatings. It improves adhesion towards synthetic fibres and increases flex resistance. Formaldehyde free. -to decrease curing temp.
-increase fastness
-Free formaldehyde
 Hot is hot crosslinker which is activated with 140 C degree as avarage. Improves the wet rub fastness and wash fastness of pigment prints. Formaldehyde – free. -to improve fastness
-Free formaldehyde
Thinner is formaldehyde free liquid additive for pigment printing used to reduce viscosity. TDS MSDS
Anti Dry provides a much more comfortable and longer working opportunity compared to other conventional water-based elastic inks with the addition of 10 - 30 g / kg to ink in adverse environments caused by high temperature and intermediate drying. TDS MSDS
Thickener is formaldeyhde free liquid additive for pigment printing inks used to increase viscosity. TDS MSDS