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Sizi Arayalım

Pigment Printing Base

Name of the Product Description      Features                                     
IMP PP 100 is completely ecological and non elastic transparent pigment printing paste used for mostly open ground fabrics with soft touch and high fastness. It works easily on the mold without being affected by the ambient temperature.

- Soft hand feel
-obes not dry and block the screen during printing
-non elastic
- bright colors, softness, color fastness
- temperature and chemical resistant.
IMP PP 4 is water based pigment printing for lights fabrics -Very soft hand feel
-Suitable for CMYK prints
-High washing and rubbing fastresses
-It does not dry and block the screen ...
IMP OPQ- Opaque base is water based pigment printing for DARK backgrounds -Soft hand feel
-It Does not dry
IMP PW 500- Pigment White is water based pigment white to get high coverage white on dark grounds without discharging TDS MSDS